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Dear <fname>,
At <agency>, we love our smartphones just as much as the next person.They’re great
for travel – hundreds of apps make it next to impossible to get lost, while making it
easy to calculate the exchange rate in a foreign country, check your flight status and
instantaneously translate “Where is the airport?” in more than 50 languages.
In our book, anything that makes travel easier and more enjoyable is a good thing and
well-designed apps are a natural complement to the hands-on, more interactive approach
taken by professional travel counselors. After all, your travel experience should be a
unique expression of your interests. Whether you want to explore Caribbean ports on a
holiday cruise, shop the Christmas markets of Europe or ski your way across the Alps,
treating yourself to the insider knowledge of an experienced travel counselor will reward
you in innumerable ways. In short, it’s the difference between a trip planned swiftly and
one planned with skill.
In this fifth edition of
Journeys of Distinction
, we share a collection of travel experiences
we hope will inspire you. From glamorous European cruises to luxury safari camps in
Africa, the journeys within are an intoxicating mix of the world’s most enchanting places
and new destinations just waiting to be discovered.
Our travel counselors speak from experience and are eager to share their in-depth
knowledge of destinations and cultures with fellow travel lovers. When you’re ready to
plan your next journey, we encourage you to share your favorite websites and apps with
your travel professional. Planning a memorable trip is a joint venture and your website
wanderings provide valuable insight that helps us zero in on the arrangements that might
work best for you. When you’re ready to depart – remember to pack your smartphone.
There are a multitude of trip-enhancing apps available, whether you’re navigating the twists
and turns of the Paris Metro, ordering lunch in Mexico or calculating a restaurant tip.
<fname>, please enjoy this edition of
Journeys of Distinction
and, as you flip through
its pages, imagine yourself in each captivating destination and, then, allow us to help
take you there.
Happy travels,
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